Me Robert MASSON, ing., C.Arb, has for Mission to provide the best conventional arbitration service to those who apply to him to hear and dispose, to the exclusion of the State Courts of Justice, of the dispute(s) that occur between them.


To achieve this, he imposes to himself a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Ethics (Code of Conduct), of Integrity, of Neutrality (Independence and Impartiality), and of Excellence of professional service.

At the avant-garde of progress, Me Robert MASSON, ing., C.Arb, takes for mission to reduce to a human size the administration of all the stages of the arbitration process with which the parties are confronted ; and to integrate them into a friendly process.

Me Robert MASSON, ing., C.Arb, disposes on his web site of a built in Highly Secured Electronic Courtroom. The electronic versions of all briefs (petition, defence, motions, etc.), transcriptions, evidences and all the interim decisions, are stocked in the Electronic Courtroom and allow all those involved in a file (parties, attorneys and representatives), as well as witnesses having been granted access, to consult a document at the tip of the finger, wherever they may be in the world. The Electronic Courtroom makes easier the trials “without paper” and allows hearings by means of audio-video conferences worldwide.